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Security fixings that never let go!
Need security? Anxious to protect your property from theft & vandalism? Rely on PROLOK Security Fixings that Never Let Go! Select from our range of unique security fixings which have been proven to add value and are government specified. PROLOK
Screws with drive!
PROLNX now incorporates the unique Whirlwind square thread screws. Providing more torque with less wobble they are easier to use because the positive engagement eliminates slip and crunch. PROLNX
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Providing innovative security & architectural fastening solutions

Specializing in security fixings our products are uniquely graded according to the level of security required. "If you need security you can't go past sentinel!”

We stock the widest range of Security and Tamper evident fixings as well as Specialty Fasteners for Aesthetic applications. The maxim “We make the Hard part Easy” encapsulates our commitment to find the right fastener for the job for all our customers.

3 different levels of security

The level of security is determined by the type of tool needed.

Level 1:
Basic Security

Level 1: Basic Security

Level 2:
High Security

Level 2: High Security

Level 3:
Maximum Security

Level 3: Maximum Security

Sentinel group specialises in security and architectural fasteners. We are the distributors of the prolok and prolnx brands.

Any valuable product in the public area is at risk of theft, vandalism and tampering. Our security fastener range and design capabilities are second to none. We are constantly sourcing new ideas and innovative products from around the planet to ensure our clients are at least one step ahead when it comes to security.

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Security Fastener Handbook

Prolok security fastener handbook

Security fasteners made easy!

Need help finding the right security fastener?

Try our PROLOK Solution Finder, a tool designed to help you select the most appropriate Security Fastener for your application.

Download our security Fastener product guide