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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have forgotten your password, click here to have your password sent to your e-mail address. As we are a wholesaler, only our registered distributors can log into our website to check price and availability. To find a distributor, click here.

Our stock figures are not exactly shown on our website. When a certain item has been selected to order, your required amount set and ‘Add to Cart’ has been clicked, a red cross will appear to the right of the table if we do not have the required stock. Likewise, a green tick will appear when we do have stock of that item.

We do sell items in part boxes, although we do charge a broken pack cost rather than the standard cost for a full pack, if purchasing less than 100 pieces.

Our FIS value for phone, email and fax orders is $200.00 and our FIS value for orders placed via our website is $50.00.

Orders being sent to Metro Melbourne and Ballarat will be sent via Couriers Please and orders being sent to country regions of Victoria and the rest of Australia will be sent via TNT. Please let us know when ordering if you would like your order to be sent with an alternative courier and we will change your preferences on our database.

Guidelines for selection of fasteners based on galvanic action

A – The corrosion of the base metal is not increased by the fastener.

B – The corrosion of the base metal is marginally increased by the fastener.

C – The corrosion of the base metal may be markedly increased by the fastener material.

D – The plating on the fastener is rapidly consumed, leaving the bare fastener metal.

E – The corrosion of the fastener is increased by the base metal.

NOTE: Surface treatment and environment can change activity.