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Public Space Security Fixings

Anywhere the public converges, you’ll find security fixings to protect public safety and property.

Many cities and towns use tamper-proof security fixings to protect community assets from damage or vandalism and to reduce the risk of accident and injury to people using the municipality’s property. 

While every community space is unique there are common elements that can be found all over Australia and the world including signage, street furniture, playgrounds, shelters, masonry, and barbeque areas.

There are specialised bolts and fasteners of each of these features, explicitly designed for items use and materials.

Security Fixings for Masonry

Masonry anchors attach materials to various types of masonry including concrete, stone, brickwork and blockwork including concrete masonry units.


View our range of masonry anchors. 


Security Fixings for Signs

Clutch head one-way security screws feature a specially shaped drive that allows them to be fastened using a standard slotted screwdriver.

However, the design of the drive slot means they can only be turned in one direction; if the screwdriver is rotated the wrong way, it will slip off without removing the screw.

Clutch head security screws are generally classed as permanent fixings, so they’re perfect for signs and branding.


View our range of clutch head machine screws.

Security Fixings for Shelters and Structures

A safer alternative to dome nuts, the special-purpose Stellar barrel nut has a low head design and an attractive polished finish, which makes it an ideal choice for high profile locations and public spaces.


View our stellar barrel nuts. 

Security Fixings for Street Furniture and Playgrounds

Barrel nuts are specialised nuts commonly used in public furniture such as benches and picnic tables, as well as children’s playgrounds.

When paired with machine screws, barrel nuts are perfect for joining materials where both sides are visible

Our Resytork machine screws and barrel nuts come in a range of head styles and finished, providing an attractive finish without compromising on security.


View our range of Resytork barrel nuts.


View our range of Resytork machine screws.

Ask the Experts

Our specialist team can sit down with you, talk about your project and provide advice about the right fasteners for each application.

If you need something custom, we can make your product stand out with unique head styles and drive recesses.

Contact us today.

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