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Clutch Head Screws: Function & Application

Clutch Head Screws

The vast world of fasteners offers a multitude of types and designs to cater to the diverse needs of builders, engineers, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. One often overlooked option is the clutch head screw. Less common than Pin Hex or Resytork screws, clutch head screws offer unique features and applications for your security needs. In this article, we will explore clutch head screws, their design, function, and primary industries of use.


What are Clutch Head Screws?

Clutch head screws, also known as one-way screws, are a type of tamper-resistant screw designed to discourage unauthorised removal or tampering. They feature a distinctive head design that sets them apart from other screws. Unlike traditional screws with slotted or cross-shaped heads, they have a circular head with a recessed centre and protruding notches. This design makes them challenging to remove with standard screwdrivers, contributing to their reputation for enhanced security.



The primary purpose of clutch head screws is to provide tamper resistance and prevent unauthorised removal. They are specifically designed to be easy to install but difficult to remove, making them ideal for applications where security is a priority. The screw head features radial slots tailored for flat head screwdrivers, enabling easy clockwise tightening while preventing conventional tool use for counter clockwise loosening by causing the driver to slip under high torque. This one-way functionality makes them an effective deterrent against tampering, theft, and vandalism.



Security Fixtures: People commonly employ these screws in security fixtures and systems that require enhanced protection against unauthorised access. They can be found in applications such as prison doors, electronic enclosures, public transportation infrastructure, utility meters, and safes. The tamper-resistant nature of clutch head ensures that these vital installations remain secure and protected.

Commercial and Residential Applications: Clutch head screws also find their way into commercial and residential setting where security is of utmost importance. They are often used in the assembly of furniture, electronic devices, appliances, and fixtures. By incorporating these screws, manufacturers can deter tampering and safeguard their products, ensuring that only authorised individuals can disassemble or access certain components.

Automotive and Aviation Industries: The automotive and aviation sectors also rely on clutch head screws for security purposes. People frequently use these screws in critical applications, such as securing licence plates, airbag systems, and interior vehicle components. In the aviation industry, these screws find use in securing sensitive equipment, access panels, and safety-critical components, ensuring the integrity and safety of aircraft.


Installation and Removal Techniques

To install clutch head screws, you need a standard flat head screwdriver that engages with the radial slots on the screw head. Insert the screwdriver into the slots and turn it clockwise to drive the screw in. However, removing clutch head screws can pose more challenges since their design resists counter-clockwise rotation, leading to the screwdriver camming out. While specialised removal tools exist, extracting a clutch head screw without the proper equipment can be quite difficult.


Advantages of Clutch Head Screws

Tamper Resistance: Providing a higher level of security compared to standard screws, they discourage unauthorised access and tampering.

Ease of Installation: Installation is quick and straightforward with a standard flat head screwdriver.

Cost-Effective: An affordable security solution. They reduce the risk of theft or tampering without the need for complex security systems.

Versatility: They are available in various sizes and materials, making them suitable for different applications and environments.



Clutch head screws stand a unique fasteners with a pivotal role in bolstering security and tamper resistance across diverse applications. Their design and radial slot system create a barrier against unauthorised access, fortifying the safeguarding of valuable assets. Though less common than regular screws, they have a unique role in high-security industries. As we prioritise security and safety, it’s important to acknowledge how clutch head screws safeguard assets and maintain order in different industries. Understanding their functionality and applications can help individuals and industries make informed decisions when it comes to fastening solutions.


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