ANCR Recognises Sentinel for Innovative Prison Solutions

ANCR Recognises Sentinel for Innovative Prison Solutions

Have you seen the Autumn 2018 issue of Australian National Construction Review magazine? Did you spot Sentinel in the Ravenhall Correctional Centre feature?

About the Ravenhall Correctional Centre project

Opening in late 2017, Ravenhall Correctional Centre redefines the role of the modern prison. Built to accommodate up to 1,300 prisoners, Ravenhall Prison includes a 75-bed forensic mental health unit and a 25-bed close supervision unit.

The secure environment demanded a range of security fasteners, anti-theft screws and security bolts to prevent vandalism, concealment, injury, self-harm and the ability to repurpose fittings as weapons.

As a specialist in security fasteners, Sentinel was asked to provide a cost-effective solution to the complex problem of installing and securing thousands of tamper-proof screws throughout the prison complex.

Sentinel recommended Prolok screwbolts for the project.

By using screwbolts instead of traditional anchor pins to secure items to the walls and floor of each cell, Sentinel was able to reduce the cost and installation time for the project significantly. In fact, the Prolok system cost the project builders just one-third of the amount charged for other, less effective systems.

The bolts also increased the safety of correctional staff and inmates living and working at the facility. Learn more about the Prolok Screwbolts here.

For more information read the full article in the Australian National Construction Review. 

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