How to protect your contactless technology

How to protect your contactless technology

Technology is continually advancing in every sector. More tasks are being automated and contactless devices, such as automatic teller machines (ATM), Eftpos Terminals, security access panels, swipe card entries and pay stations, are on the rise.

When it comes to contactless payment and entry systems, criminals typically try to tamper with the card reader and intercept the signal. With this signal, they can make cloned cards, which emit the same message to trick the system and gain access.

Criminals can tamper with pay stations and ATMs to scan credit card information and payment details to defraud the customer.

 How to protect your contactless technology

Prevent criminal attacks on your contactless technology with Uni-Set

Contactless devices are often subject to deliberate, planned attacks. Secure housing and tamper-proof fasteners used to protect them must be of the highest level of security.

The Uni-Set security screw range offers the best security protection available. Whilst still being accessible, discrete and easily removed by authorised staff.

Uni-Set Screw recesses are precision engineered with their own unique shapes with matching driver keys to suit.

This complexity makes it the most secure tamper-resistant fastener system available. Guaranteeing the fastenings are only locked and unlocked by authorised staff with access to the registered driver tool.

Forged of stainless steel, Uni-Set screws are tough and rustproof. Making them perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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 How to protect your contactless technology

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Our friendly team can provide advice about the right fasteners for each application. If you need some thing custom, we can make your product stand out with unique head styles and drive recesses. Contact us today.

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